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Enyaa Spin Mop Purple High-Quality Bucket Set - The Best Spin Mop for Effortless Floor Cleaning. Discover the perfect cleaning solution for your floors with Enyaa high-quality spin mop bucket set. Experience the ease and efficiency of our 360° spin mop, designed to make mopping a breeze. Say goodbye to traditional mops and embrace the powerful cleaning action of our best spin mop, ensuring a spotless and sparkling-clean home. Try Enyaa mop cleaner today and revolutionize your cleaning routine!"

ENYAA SPIN MOP BLUE HIGH-QUALITY SPIN MOP BUCKET SET Constructed from High-Quality, Durable, thickened plastic instead of cheap and fragile plastic that would last for years. Designed to be easy and suitable when cleaning. You can spin the mop handle in water to rinse any dirt and filth from the cleaning mess, then spin the mop dry in the wringer in seconds. All this can be done with just one hand.

360 DEGREE MOP HEAD  360 rotating washable mop spins the dirt out, cleaning and drying quicker with this spin mop & bucket. The mop head is machine washable, Lightweight, and ergonomically designed.

SLIM DESIGN MOP HEAD & EXTENDABLE HANDLE  Made of a telescoping, rust-resistant stainless steel pole. The pole’s 97 to 120 cm extension gives you adjustable comfort and control. Clean hard-to-reach and confined spots with a slim design mop head that can spin 180 degrees. The adequate working water capacity of the bucket is 6L, which is suitable for daily household floor cleaning. Moreover, You can move freely by lifting the large handle of the bucket, which is very convenient.

SUPER ABSORBENT MICROFIBER MOP Durable and highly absorbing microfiber pads have soft, absorbent strings that will not scratch floor surfaces, and it removes tough dirt and grime for a streak-free clean. These has excellent water absorption and rapidly absorbs all wet stains. Capture hairs, dust, debris, and small particles in dry conditions. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and garage floor cleaning.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX  4 x Microfiber Mop Heads, 1 x Bucket with Steel Wringer, 1 x Stainless Steel Mop Pole, and 1 x Spin Scrubber. You can add floor cleaner to the detergent bottle for more profound cleaning results.

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